Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I accidentally PRed

Today I 20# PRed on my deadlift. DL were not programmed at all....I was just being a douche and asking Vinnie if I could warm up with his bar. After telling him that I didn't think I could even deadlift it, he said I I tried...and boom; 225# deadlift. I told Ben, who just told me that he expected 285#. COOL.  Anyhow, rough workout today. Blew my shoulders UP with the wall walks....and then since rest day is tomorrow, I was allowed to work on other operation muscle up was in full force (note: this was after I tried some strict weighted pullups (10#) and got yelled at).

10 min AMRAP @ 80%:
amrap CTB pull ups
FLR on rings - 45 sec accumulation
rest 5 min active
7 full round + 2 C2B. Strict C2B (5/3/3/3/3/2/2). My body was not feeling kipping today. I literally got more strict C2B than I did kipping. So I did those bad boys strict and felt elite and shit. Not really....3 is kind of pathetic. Whatevs. Lots of room for improvement. I always underestimate FLR. They were hard. I didn't have to break until the last few rounds though.
for time:
15 wall walks
25 HR push ups
35 bent over db rows - 25#/h
25 HR push ups
15 wall walks
Today I found out that I've been doing wall walks wrong my entire crossfit career. I no longer think they're easy. The first 15 torched my shoulders..the HR pushups really weren't tooooo bad..I mean they were hard, but I broke them up into 10-10-5 and it was fine. The rows were questionable. Sometimes I think I'm good at them..other times not so much. The last wall walks sucked. I had to break them up into 5s (sometimes less)...but I got them done. yay. completion. One thing about training by myself is that I've had to become my own cheerleader. Probs not a bad thing...
Muscle up skill work
This is infuriating to me. I can do transitions until I'm blue in the face, but once I get on the dice. I do think I made some progress today with my hips. Melissa gave me some good cues, so I really have to focus on tightening my butt and keeping my toes down. I'm getting closer but not there yet. There was one attempt where I thrusted so violently (hee hee hee) that I launched myself into the air...actually had time to think about how long I was airborn...and then had to tuck and roll. Progress? yeah, let's call it that. Then I did these muscle up thingies on the cable machine under the watchful eye of big papa paul...which were killer. I now have to do those 3x/week.

Minus the vault and floor routine comments...this pretty much sums up my feelings about the gymnastics skills we do...

Also, big news in the food world...I finally went over 2000 calories! annnnd I managed to consume about 150 grams of protein today (thanks to the TWO burger patties I just wolfed down).
1: Fritatta and paleo muffin
2: Protein shake (post workout)
 I knowwww I should consume more carbs, but I was just not feeling food at all. The shake was all I could handle
3: 4 meatballs + sweet potato and sunbutter
4: chia pudding
threw a banana in for some extra carbs
5: quest bar, almonds, and an apple
snacked on these at work...went WAY longer than anticipated and I got very hangry
6: 2 grass fed angus burger patties and baby carrots
my appetite finally caught up with me; was only planning on eating 1 burger and making the rest for later this week...and then I thought I'd eat 1.5....and then before I knew it 2 were gone. Whoops.
2315 calories, 137 carbs, 145 protein! hooooorayyyyy***never in my wildest dreams would I think that I would ever celebrate eating this much..

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