Monday, September 23, 2013

Testing Day 1

We're doing testing for the next two weeks at the gym to collect some data, so I'm taking a break from the regularly scheduled programming (OPT SHE) to #TIP and do some fun tests.

Today was:

Build to a 1RM Squat Clean in 8min (150#)
Rest EXACTLY 2min
8min Squat Clean AMRAP @ 90% of 1RM (19 @ 135#)

Oh hey, it's like OPT Athlete Camp only suckier. Funny that my squat clean is exactly the same as my power clean....only I can AMRAP 90% of my power clean more....I failed a few times during the 8 minutes even though I tried to wait until my body felt ready to clean...The squat def killed me. My forearms/fingers swelled up again today. It's kind of alarming....

After the test, I did some MU transitions on the cable machine and then some hip touches on the rings. I attempted a few ring dips but my triceps said "no". I attempted one muscle up, and got plenty high, but my triceps were not feeling the whole catching myself on the rings....I don't feel bad about this actually...because I know that I'm capable...just very very very fatigued. 

Meal 1:  whey protein shake and some carrot, apple, mango baby food (post w/o)
Meal 2: Chicken with ginger dressing and two coconut/protein/pumpkin ball thingies 
Meal 3: Fritatta and Quinoa/Peanut Butter bar
Meal 4: (snacks at work) beef jerky, plantain chips, almonds
Meal 5: 4oz of shrimp and some spaghetti squash...with cocktail sauce...because I'm a weirdo
Meal 6: Banana and Sunflower Butter
 1841 cals, 176 carbs, 125 protein.

I'm gaining weight. I don't know if it's fat...or muscle..or both...but I don't like it

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