Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Got in the gym earlier than usual for a Tuesday because got done at work incredibly early. It's really hard for me to get amped to work out around 5:30, so I pretty happy. Did a few muscle ups...did the workout...attempted another MU and almost dislocated every joint in my arms slash almost died. cool. that was scary. Currently icing my right elbow as I speak. I also need to do some prehab/rehab for my shoulder and elbow stability.....athlete probz? I'm freezing my ulnar nerve...my pinky is on fire....I should really know better

A1. RDL @ 2010; 6-9 x 4; rest 10 sec
A2. DB back extensions @ 2010; 10-15 x 4; rest 2:30
10 w/25 each hand for each round. realize now, it would have been better to hold one heavier one in each hand...oops. These felt ok..maybe a little heavy. My back felt pretty wobbly after these.
B. amrap omni grip chin ups in 6 min
45; tried to do as little kipping as possible...butterflied a bit...whatever. I felt a lot stronger..#TIP
C1. russian kbs - 21 tough; rest 1 min
2 pood. SUCKFEST. Had to break these up a bit. 2 pood is heavy...I think I have a bruise from bouncing my forearms off my thighs. Crossfit makes me ugly.
C2. ghd sit up x 21; rest 1 min x 3
I almost puked...every time.

This seems pretty whiny, but it was a really good workout. Also, a lot of people have come up to me in real life AND on the internets to tell me how proud they are of me and how much my hard work has paid off. This is amazing and humbling and just shows how close our crossfit community is. It only inspires me to work harder and do better every day.

OK, let's talk food. almost 2k calories today, 200 carbs, and 126 protein..almost there!
1) smoothie w/protein powder
2) perfect foods almond butter bar
3) meatballs and sweet potato
4) banana and protein shake (post w/o)
5) turkey meatloaf and spaghetti squash
6) quinoa bar (carb-bomb) and almond milk

boom. awesome. now if only my elbow would feel better

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