Tuesday, September 3, 2013


No fun title today. Too tired to be creative. I have to say, Tuesday is my least favorite workout day; I have class THEN work THEN I have to get amped to workout. Actually...getting amped isn't the issue, my body just feels more tired..go figure.
 A. RDL with straps below knee @ 30X1; 3-5 x 5; rest 2 min
No straps, and I had to mix grip the last two sets because I ripped a callus off my right hand. wah. I guess these were ok. They felt good...I just really don't know what to compare them to. At one point my 1RM deadlift was 185...then I randomly tried 205 one day and go that...so 175 for 4? Who knows. I'd be curious to see what my deadlift max is now...
B. Wtd Dips @ 21X1; 2-3 x 5; rest 90 sec
I shocked myself on this. I really thought I was pushing it with a ten pound weight...and then I was able to throw a fiver on there....and got up to 25# of added weight. Then someone asked me if I could do a muscle up yet and my ego deflated. rude.
Row 75 sec @ 95% effort
rest walk 4:15 b/t sets x 4
338/325/322/320. Until the row, I was surprised at how great my legs felt. Then my quads exploded. I started off strong on the erg, but couldn't maintain it. Rowing is definitely a skill I need to work on...I need to see if I can con someone into helping me with my form; I just don't think I'm doing it quite right.

After this workout I was straight toasted. I'm so tired right now, that I could probably go to bed very soon and sleep through the night...I may just do that. Now onto the things I put in my mouth today...
1) Caramelized Onion Fritatta + Paleo Blueberry Muffin
wasn't hungry...ate breakfast anyhow
2) Toasted coconut almonds and an orange
super hungry after my first class. this hit the spot.
3) shredded chicken and bacon + baby bell peppers +guac + pear, kiwi, and spinach babyfood puree
RAVENOUS circa 11:40. Ate all this while driving the work...it was impressive. The pear, kiwi, spinach babyfood was nowhere near as delicious as the beet, banana, blueberry variety. lesson learned...never again.
4) quest bar (30 min pre workout) 
hungry after work. love me some quest bars.
5) medium sweet potato + syntha-6 whey shake (post workout)
was not hungry...forced my self to eat. operation eat more is hard and not as enjoyable as anticipated
6) tilapia and fire roasted tomatoes +banana sauteed in a little bit of grass fed butter
nom nom leftovers. I think I have an aversion to hot food...I much prefer leftovers. Since I have a surplus of bananas, I sauteed one in a little bit of butter with some pumpkin pie spice. I ate it while feeling smug that I did not give in and get a pumpkin spice latte today. If starbucks carried almond milk, I would be set fo lyfeeeee
7) Chia Pudding
eat all the food, make all the gains...

I really don't feel great about today. Foodwise, I am so freaking full...and have been all day..but I'm sitting at 1680 cals, 163 carbs, and 130 protein. faaaack. Trainingwise, I don't know. Guess I'm still getting used to this programming and such. I think my brain is still expecting super spartan workouts and then is confused when I get done relatively quickly. This is not to say that I'm not busting it...because I am. I am shocked that I felt so tired after today's workout which was just RDLs, weighted dips, and FOUR rowing sprints, but I am pooped. Guess the workout did it's job. It's not all bad though, and I'm really not trying to complain...more just figure out how I'm feeling. I really feeling like I'm training and not just working out...It caters to my competitive nature for sure, and fills the "athlete void" that I've been missing since I stopped swimming and diving. Not really sure what my deal is, just being weird today. Tomorrow will be better.

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