Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Set Back

So I talked to one of the physicians I work with about my forearm/hand swelling issue, and he confirmed my suspicions of chronic exertional compartment syndrome. Soooo no upper body, heavy grippy activity for 2ish weeks. Great. I was fully planning on ignoring this medical advice, but when  I told Paul that I was planning on doing the rowing/pull up/thruster WOD today, he laughed at me and told me otherwise. So I did the Fitness Tester today....and got a massage...and whined....BUT DID NOT CRY. I feel generally ok about this, I'll share my thoughts later.

Back Squat 5RM
5RM 175; got 3 at 180. My quads are toasted from squat cleans yesterday
DB Split Squat 8RM (ea leg)

40#/hand. This made my fingers turn into sausages.
10min AMRAP of Box Jumps (jump up, step down)

187. Paul said get 200. whoops

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