Monday, September 16, 2013


Shoulders, elbows, and forearms felt a little torn up today. Not sure if it was from my muscle ups (all two of them) or my "active recovery" of canoeing upstream yesterday. Regardless, I felt pretty strong today AND was able to do two muscle ups today before my workout. Naturally I now have a fear of forgetting how to do them...Fun fact: didn't false grip them today.

A1. DB Russian Step Up @ 1110; 10-12/leg x 4; rest 1 min
12@25#/10@25#/10@25#/10@25#. Pretty difficult. Started with 30# but had to drop. My right leg also seems to be weaker than the left.
A2. Flat DB Bench Press @ 30X1; 12,10,8,6; rest 1 min
30#/40#/4@50#+4@40#/6@40#. Burnt myself out with the 50#. Tried for 4 more, but couldn't press it at all. At the end of my last round, Joey told me to keep my elbows in there's that.
A3. DB Walking Lunges @ 1010; 16-20 total steps x 4; rest 1 min
20@30#x4. Not much to say about these. I did them, they were unpleasant.
A4. DB Push Press @ 1010; 12-20 x 4; rest 2 min
B. Side Bridges - 45 sec/side x 4/side; no rests b/t sides
did them. core is sore. lol rhymes.

1) Fritatta
2) quest bar (pre-ish w/o)
3) chicken, sweet potato, guac (post w/o)
4) perfect foods bar (new obsession)
5) apple and pumpkin seeds
6) 5 meatballs, plantain chips, and salsa

grand total: 1720 calories, 133 carbs, 127 protein. Needless to say, I'm cooking up some quinoa as I type....

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