Friday, September 6, 2013


Woke up ready to work. Checked the WOD and was super excited because I LOVE DEAD HANGS TO INVERTED. Literally, I do those when I'm having a terrible day and want to do something fun on the rings.

A. Clean and Jerk - build to a tough single with perfect form in 12 min - NOT a 1RM effort
135#. Cleaned 140# but bailed on the jerk. This is a perfect example of where I'm still learning my body. I'm not exactly sure how to differentiate between a tough single and a 1RM. Pretty sure I could have jerked 140# if I tried...
B1. Bench Press @ 30X1; 3-6 x 3; rest 20 sec
6x85#/6x95#/4x100#. These felt good. I started to wobble on the 100#, so I stopped at 4.
B2. AMRAP Ring Push Ups in 30 sec x 3; rest 20 sec
12/13/11. meh, these were ok I guess? I remember a not so distant time, where I couldn't even do one ring push up....
B3. Heavy Russian Swings x 15; rest 3 min x 3
1.5 pood. Prob should have tried 2 pood. shit.
for time:
15 DH2I
10 wall walks
5 K bike (AD)
14:58. LOVE DH2I. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I got 13 unbroken. Then my shoulders said seeya, so I had to drop, shake it out, and get back up there. My last 2 were sketchy. The wall walks made my shoulders SCREAM. Need to work on pacing myself on the AD; wasn't really sure how fast/slow to go...
and then I got peer pressured into trying muscle ups again. SPOILER ALERT: did not get one. However I'm getting closer and closer. Muscleup, you will be mine.

1: chia pudding w/banana
trying to eat less pre-workout to avoid feeling gross
2: 3 gatorade chews, coconut water, bsn syntha6 shake
ate the chews during my workout because my tumbly was rumbly. shake and coconut water were post workout
3: Sweet potato and grass fed burger
4: 2 slices mexican frittata, paleo muffin, sunbutter
epic meal. I capitalize on hunger to get max calories...this is a weird outlook.
5: quest bar
snack during work
6: two hot dogs...and then a quest bar when I got home
gross I know...but it was after the game and I was starving. Plus...protein? Guess I worked up an appetite on the sidelines

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