Saturday, August 31, 2013

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today I just needed to work out. It was all I thought about at work last night....and this morning...I was just super antsy and ready to naturally clinic ran late, and I sped to the gym a little after noon, praying someone would be there. And there were, so I was safe. Not going to lie, I barely warmed up because I was so anxious/ready to to go, and I think it hindered my oly lifts a little bit...
A. Clean Pulls - 4 sets of 3; rest 2 min (155#)
These were way harder that I thought they should be. I actually started off a little higher, but I couldn't pull it to save my life. I think these would have been a little smoother if I had warmed up properly. Kind of irritated that I did this to myself.
B. HPC - build to a max (125#)
Can you say disappointing? I know I could have gone heavier, but I kept missing. I blame the hips.
for time: (24:34)
100 AD cals (10 min)
75 KBS - 1pd (3:37 25/15/10/10/10/5
50 BJ's - 24" (4:27 jump up, step down)
25 woman makers - 20#/h (6:30)
HARD. HARD HARD HARD. I paced out the AD and it felt quads got super fatigued, but I kept it steady the whole time. KB weren't terrible since they were relatively light, so I went into the workout planning to do 3 sets of 25, however my shoulders fatigued quickly. I could have probably combined the last two "sets" into 15, I just didn't push it. Box jumps were good. I kept it steady the whole time, jumping up and stepping down. The 24" was also pretty high...go figure. Lastly, the woman makers. I assume they're the same as man makers, which is what I did. And they sucked. I managed to get 5 before needing a break..and then I could only get 1 or 2 at a time. At this point, some emotional fatigue kicked in too. As much as this sucked, this is the kind of stuff  I need to work on..and I feel so much better after getting it done.

I've mentioned this before, but I really need to work on this whole nutrition thing. It's not that I don't eat well, because I do. I only keep healthy food in the house because of my lack of will power...but the timing...and the macros....def something I could work on. Today was a little tough because I had to work early, and then I went to the gym, blah blah blah excuses excuses, I need to become more aware and plan better. working on it.
Meal 1: Fritatta
Wasn't really hungry, but needed to eat something before work
Meal 2: Fried chicken breast out of a chickfila biscuit
One of the drug reps brought Chickfila for us. I was getting hangry, so I jacked some protein..
"Meal 3" aka pre/during/post WOD:  gatorade chews during workout; banana and protein shake after
Should have planned better and fit in a pwo snack..but I didn' my tummy was a rumblin' during my workout hence the chews...
Meal 4: BBQ chicken and braised greens from EarthFare
no sugar! yay!
Meal 5: paleo blueberry muffin and almond butter
Meal 6: small sweet potato, fried egg, one slice bacon, handful of almond PLUS quest bar
at this point I realized that I was a) starving again b) had not eaten enough calories c)had my carb and protein count under I fed the beast
My total calories today clocked in at about 1660..125 g carbs...125 protein. Not ideal, but it's a start
, progress, I need to do better..

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