Monday, August 5, 2013

T-6 days

Got some good work done in the gym today. Walked in feeling anxious, but walked out feeling a lot calmer. I still struggle with the fear of looking bad or coming in last, but I need to focus on the fact that while this is a competition, and I am competing against other people, the biggest competition is me against myself. Dorothy really said it best, when she was giving me advice on which divisionI should compete in.
 I think you have to decide are you willing to take the risk and be okay with Where you land if you do RX. Will you be devastated or will you get through it and be thrilled you just accomplished a WOD you knew could be difficult? I think you could do it if you don't allow your head to get in the way and you fight for it. It really is a personal choice and you have to decide what you will be happy with.....Compete at RX and know you are challenging yourself on every level and be HAPPY where you scale, bust butt and be confident in yourself.
 and what Brian said:
You should do it Rx. You won't win, but you'll be more excited, people will care more (few people really care what goes on in scaled), and it kind of represents, to me, the exact thing you're training for. You work your ass off, and this is the test of that effort. Take the real test and see how you do
 They're both right. This is what I've been training for. And if progress is what I'm being "judged" on, I've already gotten first place. Three weeks ago, when I decided to make the switch to RX, I couldn't even do one HSPU on a 45# plate. Now I can do about 7 unbroken. My chest to bar pull ups were iffy at best, and now I can do three good ones..hop off the bar..and get back on. Today when I did 10 c2b/10 HSPU, I had to break them up into twos and threes...but that wasn't because I couldn't do more...I just don't want to run out of gas during the first round of the workout.  I'm feeling pretty good right about now. After I did my skill work, I did (some of) the programmed WOD. I would have done it all, but halfway through the weighted pull ups, I busted a ginormous blister...and really didn't want mutilate my hand before this weekend. womp.

-c2b skill work
-HSPU skill work
-3x: 10 c2b + 10 EROM HSPU
**I started doing the programmed WOD, but then my blister erupted, so I ended up doing
-5 back squat @2.0.1 60% of 1rm; rest 30sec (115#) X 6
-BB on back reverse lunge; 7-8/leg; x3; rest 3mins (75, 85, 85)
-3x15 GHD sit ups  

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