Tuesday, August 27, 2013

the tuesday that felt like a monday..

Ups and downs today. Still waiting to get used to the school/work/training grind...and getting my health in check. blah blah blah, trying to stay positive. Had a good workout today; actually did the "She" workout today which was kind of hard to get my head around, because I feel like I should be doing more..but I'm trusting the system and going with it.
A. paused RDL @ 2211; 6-8 x 2; rest 90 sec
125#x8, 135#x6. I haven't done RDLs in like...ever. So it was kind of difficult finding the proper weight. These were heavy at the end, but tolerable.
B. RDL @ 3010; 3-4 x 2; rest 2 min
155#x3, both rounds. Heavy but tolerable. The tempos on both of the RDL sets were killer
C. KBS Russian x 21; rest 1 min x 2
20 kg KB. Reaaaaallllly focused on form and using my hips. These were tiring, but not bad.
D. DB under chin GHD back extensions @ 2010; 10-15 x 2; rest 1 min
 25#x10. In retrospect, I probably chose too heavy of a weight. These were TOUGH. My quads are still super lit up from this weekend, and the pressure from the GHD machine made them hurt. wah.
Row 60 sec @ 95% effort
rest walk 3:30 b/t sets x 5
274m/269m/268m/263m/261m; damper at 5.5. I think I'm happy with these? I stayed withing about 10m which is good...my RPE definitely went up as the sets went on..especially at the end. My quads were on fire.

In terms of food, operation eat more and be carby is going ok...probably would be better after I plan some and go food shopping...
meal 1: caramelized onion quiche and paleo muffin
meal 2: *more like two snacks during class.. quest bar, chili lime cashews
meal 3: crockpot chicken and roasted carrots
meal 4: *pre workout: beef jerky
              *post workout: syntha-6 protein; medium sweet potato
meal 5: two shrimp coconut patties and roasted carrots
meal 6: quest bar with sunbutter

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