Tuesday, August 13, 2013

operation muscle up

last night, while laying in bed I told myself "tomorrow, you will get a muscle up". so I woke up, chugged coffee, and drove my my happy ass to the gym. I did not actually get a muscle up today, however I feel like I made some great progress with my progressions and really just need to work on getting my hips up and my head through. I can really tell how much stronger I've gotten though. yay!
THEN I did the programmed WOD:
A. Build to Tough 3 TnG Power Snatch in 12min (105 for 3TnG. Got 110 for one rep fairly easily)
B. EMOM - 14mins
Odd - KBS 1,5 pood x 10
Even - Ring Push-Ups x 8-12
10min AMRAP 85% effort
1 MU 3 C2B + 5 ring dips 20 Cal on Airdyne
10 Back Extensions

I still have some more thoughts from the competition this weekend, and need to revise my goals...but I'm too tired to think that hard right now. On a similar note, I am still a food monster and am eating everything in sight. The majority of it was pretty healthy....except for the chocolate chips I ate by the handful. oops. I really need to get back to food diary-ing. I will. Soon...

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