Monday, August 26, 2013

switching allegiances ...

sorry outlaw, it's been a fun week (ish), but I'm going to have to change my allegiances over to OPT. Jame's is a freaking ninja genius, and I really appreciate all the science behind his programming (nerd alert) boom there it is.

Woke up stupid early this morning to go to a meeting...then to class...and then to my happy place (CCF...duh). Sidenote: my quads are WRECKED. I blame wallballs...and rowing...and OPT athlete camp in general. I conned Kunze (pronounced KUHN-ZEE) into testing my body fat...where we progressed to fix the broken printer...break it...fix it again...and then figure out the right way to insert paper via trial and error. Then I had a nice little warm up and embarked on "being". Halfway through my workout, a certain fuzzy cheetah (cough Joey) told me that I should be doing "she". So I did the second half of the She workout. Awesome. Not only did I have a good workout, but I worked on my OCD tendencies too...

My body comp stats were interesting to me. In about two months, I lost about a pound of fat...gained like .2 pounds muscle, and must have redistributed it a bit because my arms lost muscle and my legs gained it. Looking at my training I'm not surprised. Thrusters and sled pushes are super leggy...and I kipped the shit out of my HSPU and C2B. It was a little unexpected because I feel like my arms look pretty diesel right now, but that could be from the fat loss. I'll be interested to see what my stats are in a month or so..

A. HBBS @ 40X1; 10,8,6,4,2; rest 3-5 min
I did all of these at 125 even though it said to add weight because my quads feel like a fraying rope. I did pay special attention to getting full ROM and keeping the tempo, so not all was lost
B. EMOM - 10 min
odd - PC x 1/PP x 4 TnG moderate
even - amrap COVP pull ups in 20 sec
85# seemed like a nice weight. The PC were easy and the PP were moderate. My pullups super sucked hands are sore and rippy. I got 8/7/7/6/6
10 min @ 80%:
TGU x 2/arm moderate
free HS 20 sec accumulation
  oh hey, this was hard too. First off, I don't think I've ever properly done I had to do them with a 12 kg KB and they were super hard. Also, fun fact: free standing hand stands are a kazillion times harder than hand stand walks. I completed 4 complete rounds.
rest walk 3 min
(insert learning that I should be doing a different program)
for times:

150 DU's

rest walk 2 min

20 FS - 65#

25 ring push ups

20 FS - 65#

25 T2B

20 FS - 65#

rest walk 2 min

150 DU's
First DU set (2:31); FS cluster (7:19); Second DU set (1:36). Got about 50 unbroken DU on both sets...then kind of went downhill from there with sets of 30...20....and tens on the last set of 150...I'm really happy with where my double unders are now though when I reflect on how they were in Hilton Head. I'm definitely a lot better at them, and have learned how to stay calm while doing them. My quads screamed at me during the front squats, and I broke them up into 5s..T2B were ok...I had to do singles, but I was able to do clusters of 3s, 4s, and 5s. ring push ups were ballin'.

Foodwise, I ate pretty well today (I'll get back to chronicling every bite shortly..), but I was nowhere near the # of carbs suggested this weekend...and under the protein too. I'm definitely going to need to plan better..

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