Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Wins Again

I feel like I've been a zombie all day today. In fact, I'm still waiting to wake up. I had a little alarm clock snafu this morning which left me waking up at 7:32...and having to be in the office at 8:00. Surprisingly, I was only like 5 minutes late, even WITH a train, but it just started my day on the wrong foot. After stumbling through work, I went to the gym...tried to work on muscle ups for a little bit (went wayyy worse than yesterday), and then did the programmed WOD which was for active recovery. It was ok I guess, kind of boring, but got the job done.

AD 1min
Jump Rope Singles x50
Side Plank Right 30sec
Side Plank Left 30sec
Abmat Situps 30sec
Row 1min
x 6 all @ Z1 (50%- constantly moving, no rest)

 I've been thinking a lot about doing exclusive coaching. I think it would be really beneficial for me and would be right for the goals that I've set for myself..but I definitely don't have that kind of money right now...or the time (I think?). I mean I can make that's a lie. I just don't have the money. wah.

In other news, I am beyond gratified by all the feedback and comments I've been getting at the gym from my fitfam, friends, coaches AND people I don't really know. I am truly humbled by those who had faith and confidence in me when I didn't even have confidence in myself. This really highlights how much of a community Carolina Crossfit is and how we support each other. A few people even told me how much I inspired them. Me? Inspire someone? Crazy.  I know most people use the term humbled in a less than pleasant sense, but I really feel humbled in the best way possible.
This really inspires me to have a better attitude and keep striving for success. was my day to get back to eating super clean (and a lot more)...and I did. All day. Until about 830 when I decided it was chocolate chip time. Pretty sure I suffer from chacoholism...

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