Friday, August 16, 2013

Operation Outlaw

Today I graduated from the programmed WODs at my gym to doing programming from the outlaw way. I've heard great things about this programming and think that this will be a great way to take my strength and skill to the next level. So today, after work, I jumped right in. I did however go into the workout hungry...which only increased throughout my million hour workout.

1) Snatch from Blocks @ Power Position : Take 10 minutes to work up to a heavy triple (no misses), then repeat for three sets – rest as needed.
I got to 90# on this. In my head, I could have maybe added 5 or so pounds, but I was having trouble breaking parallel in the squat, my shoulders were feeling iffy, and I was having the awkward wiggly leg, so I stayed and did my 3 sets @ 90.
2) Clean & Jerk from Blocks @ Power Position (same position as Snatch – refer to above demo): Take 10 minutes to work up to a heavy double (no misses), then repeat for three sets – rest as needed.
115#. This was disappointing to me because I know I can clean much heavier. Lesson learned: blocks are hard. The jerk felt pretty good though, minus my shoulder feeling achy. Lots of icy-hot was used today.
1) HBBS: 1X6@65%, 1X6@75%, 2X6@80%
 Since I haven't maxed out on back squats in a while, I estimated my 1RM to be 205#, so I did my rounds at 135/155/165. This felt pretty heavy..and I lost balance on the 155 and had to bail...but I got them done. I need to focus more on pushing my knees out when I stand up from the squat as they like to bow in.
2a) Front Squat: 1X5@60%, 1X5@65%, 2X5@70% – rest 60 sec.
80/90/95. These felt good.
2b) 4X3 Close Grip Bench Press (hands 12″ apart) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
Did these at 95#. May have been able to go a little heavier, but I started wobbling at the end...and nobody was spotting me...and let's not kid ourselves, 95 was pretty darn heavy for me
3a) 3X8 Weighted Strict Pullups – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
I did not to weighted pull ups. I did bust out some very pretty strict dead hang pullups though. I need to work on pullups a lot. Like a lot a lot. Crossfit probs
3b) 3X8 Weighted Strict GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec. (no swing, start from a position parallel to the floor)
Used a 25# plate. In retrospect, I might have been able to go heavier. Live and learn. Clearly I need to test my limits more often.

Meal 1: Caramelized onion and beef fritatta + black coffee
fish oil, super b complex, drenamin, biotin
Meal 2: two hard boiled egg whites + 1/2 c blueberries
muscle tech neurocore pre-workout
Meal 3/postworkout: BSN syntha 6 shake; 1/2 sausage
Meal 4: BBQ chicken breast (no skin), roasted carrots, sweet potato
Meal 5...ok snack: Chocolate Chip Hummingbird Muffin (paleo..obvi, coconut water with pulp
fish oil
Meal 6: spicy sweet potato/beef mixture, watermelon 
Meal 7/snack: handful of almonds 

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