Wednesday, August 28, 2013

rowing is hard

Too tired to think of a witty title for this post, so I figured I'd just state a very obvious fact. Got to sleep in this morning until about 7:30 this morning, which is when my internal alarm clock decided it was time to get out of bed...did some school work, and dragged my body to the gym. Was excited about the lack of soreness in my quads....until I got to the gym and they decided to blow up on me again. Quadzilla strikes again.

10 min AMRAP @ 80%:
HS hold 30 sec
FLR on rings 30 sec accumulation
L Sit on paralletes - 15 sec
20 DU's
Got 5 full rounds on this. I really enjoy gymnastics work, so I was excited about this AMRAP. The HS holds were pretty easy for me, so I really really really focused on engaging my shoulders and staying hollow. Towards the end my wrists started to ache, which seemed to be a theme throughout this ten minutes. FLR were touch, but unbroken. L sits got tiring really fast. Double unders were good until the last round or so...then I noticed how tight my calfs and shins were..
rest 5 min active
5 sets:
15 push ups HR
15 bent over db rows - 15#/h
20 db front rack walking lunges - 15#/h
10 ghd sit ups
Row 350 m
REST walk 3 min b/t sets
I completely underestimated this bad boy. The push ups were probably the easiest thing for me (shocker). The rows started out ok, but the last few reps got difficult...and the lunges made my quads SCREAM. GHDs were GHDs. I did them unbroken, so there was that...and the row was brutal. I really need to work on my rowing really really need to work
I recorded the time it took me to do each set as well as the time for the row:
3:34 (1:26)/3:40(1:29)/3:46(130)/3:37(1:32)/3:45(1:34)

Then while I was cooling down...Big Papa Paul told me to go play on the gravitron, so I did...because I'm all about Trusting in Paul (#TIP)
12 pull ups/12 dips @60# assistance
10 pull ups/10 dips @50# assistance
8 pull ups/8 dips @40# assistance 

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