Monday, August 12, 2013

raging gamesover

I am not clever at all. I stole that title from this article. But seriously...I've noticed (in my vast experience of two competitions) that the next few days following a huge competition are kind of blah and hangovery. It's a huge let down to be honest. You spend weeks...or even and getting yourself pumped for this one day...expend a stupid amount of physical and mental effort for the 10+ hours that you are at the competition...celebrate it being over...and then boom. you're done. I find myself wondering "what am I going to train for now?" Answer: Nothing in the competition sense....but now is the time to work on some of my strength and skill goals (muscle ups anyone?) And THAT is my stream of consciousness for the day.

Today I was definitely in a funk. Work was blah, working out was blah, more work was blah. I did get an insane about of things done today which should make me un-blah (I love being efficient)...but nope still blah. blah blah blah. I definitely cherry picked what I wanted to do from the programmed WOD today because I was just WAY TOO SORE to do weighted chin ups...or high effort airdyne sprints. soooo here's what I did

10ish minutes on the airdyne-not fast at all. made my legs feel less angry
A-Back Squats: 3x3 @ 135, 155, 175-Pretty happy with how I did considering how shitty my legs felt
B1-BB lunges: 3x 6/leg @ 95#-these sucked. I could barely balance. I blame the good ol glute meds
B2-accumulate 90s FLR on rings
10ish minutes on airdyne

I actually ate super healthy today, but I'm just not in the mood to type it out (or copy and paste)

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