Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Morning After...The Famously Hot Showdown

Yesterday was probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. The Famously Hot Showdown kicked off at 8am with the sandbag run and didn't finish up until about ten. Overall, I am incredibly proud of myself; not just of how I placed (tied for tenth--woot!), but also how I performed. Annnnd now time for a play by play:

I was pleasantly surprised with how this went. The 30# sandbag was a lot easier to handle than the other objects that I had been practicing with..AND we only ran around the stadium...not up and down the concourses. The scoring was based on time, not place, so I am unsure of how long it took me, but I think I kept a solid pace. Once I fell in my groove, my goal was just not to let anyone else pass me. I kept up with two of our male rx athletes the whole time, which made me feel pretty good...and then towards the last leg of the run, I saw one of my competitors relatively close to me, so I balls out sprinted to pass her. She didn't try to re-pass me, so I decided not to waste anymore energy and slow my roll a bit. The fact that I could sprint at the end of the race makes me think I should have ran faster, earlier, so that is something to work on for the future.

I think this workout was the most gratifying for me. For the past three weeks I've been hardcore working on those damn handstand pushups, and today they paid off. Once again, I finished pretty middle of the pack, but I couldn't be happier with my performance. I started off with clusters of 3s and 4s with my HSPU, and while I was tempted to try to do as many as I could, I didn't want to redline on the first I kept my pace and got through my ten pretty quickly. The farmers carry was no problem, and the GHDs really hurt my head more than anything (killer headache going into the workout). My plan for the c2b were to do clusters of 2s and 3s until I couldn't do any more, and then just do singles. That was very short lived, and I had to go to singles probably around the 10th or so. I'm so glad my lane was close to where all my friends were standing because their cheering really kept me going. The second round of HSPU was a little harder; I think I failed on maybe one or two...but I just took a second to gather myself and got back at it. The GHDs wore me out a little bit on this round and I had to do 10-5-5. Thennnnn I got my butt whooped by the C2B. I literally did 15 SLOW singles...but I don't think I no repped any on that round, which means while my pace was slow, it was efficient. I finished my second round with enough time to knock out 3 more HSPU, so not only did I meet my expectation/goal of finishing 2 rounds, but I exceeded it. hooray!  It's really nice to see hard work pay off.

We had 20 minutes to complete the lift and 10 seconds to transition. My nerves game into play a little bit on this one and I actually no repped my first attempt at 105 by taking a HUGE step backwards. After I dropped it, I just stared at the bar for like an hour (probably 3 seconds), until Joey told me to try it again...and I did. Sometimes I forget how long 20 seconds actually is. I made it to 130 which is my max thus far. I was hoping I'd get 135# just from adrenaline, but even after attempting it twice, it just wasn't pressing out. After that fact, Joey told me that my cleans looked good....and a Joey compliment is probably worth 3 times the average persons' compliment..soooo booyah

WOD 4: PUSH/PULL (9th)
This was the most demoralizing workout I've ever done to date. There was a lot of drama about certain lanes being better than others...who was going when...and the fact that it was so late/dark. By the time it was my heat, I had lost a lot of my competitive drive (much like in Hilton Head), but that is not to say I didn't give it my all. The first sled push went pretty well. My pull was slow. Box jumps were solid. The second time I hit that sled, it just didn't budge. I slowly moved it, but I really don't think there is a worse feeling that throwing your entire body into and trying your hardest to move something, and it just not budging. I definitely started getting discouraged and got into my head...but I got through two rounds and then some of the last push before the 7 minute time cap. Afterwards, I couldn't catch my breath and was wheezing a little bit. I think know that it's because I hold my breath when I push the sled aka not good.

I did a lot better than I thought I would, am so glad I made the change to RX, and am truly humbled by the support and kind words from all of my friends and fellow athletes. I'm looking forward to doing more competitions in the future, but right now I'm looking forward to taking it easy for the next week or so..

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