Saturday, August 17, 2013

Burger Saturday

Holy bananas, this is hard. The conditioning part of my workout today was supposed to have bar muscle ups in it, but I did c2b pullups instead.

1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch
 105#. This didn't feel great, but it didn't feel terrible. I still REALLLLLLY need to work on not jumping my feet wider, and dropping under the bar faster.
2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk
140#. I'm ok with this. I was able to clean 145, but not jerk it. I don't think I was using my legs enough, but I ran out of time to try again. Regardless, this was a PR...I think?
15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat
135#. I tried 145 and had to bail at the bottom. Pretty proud of this, as 135 was my previous 1RM.
30′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
7 Back Squats 225/145#
30′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
12 C2B
60′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
9 Back Squats 225/145#
60′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
9 Bar C2B
90′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
7 Back Squats 225/145#
90′ BB Carry (back rack) 225/145#
12 C2B
For time.  
10 something? I really don't remember. I ran the clock, but was so WOD drunk afterwards, I didn't remember. Some of my squats were questionable, as pointed out by Joey yelling no rep at me. I re-did the ones that he no-repped. The BB carry was a lot harder than anticipated..really tiring...and my c2b were ok..I just need to work on stringing them together. I lose a lot of time/energy just doing singles. The BB carry/squats/BB carry were supposed to be unbroken, but I had to rack the bar and rest a few times.

Today is saturday...and on saturday's I eat burgers (hence burger saturday) post workout I got a posse together to grub out with me
Meal 1: caramelized onion frittata + black coffee
fish oil, biotin, superB complex, drenamin
Meal 2/post workout: syntha-6 shake
Meal 3: burger patty over mixed greens with ham, bacon, pickled jalapenos, and a fried egg...and like 3 sweet potato fries. hello will power
Meal 4: paleo chocolate chip hummingbird muffin + coconut water
Meal 5: crock pot bacon chicken w/bbq sauce
Meal 6/snack: 2 tbsp sunflower seed butter + coffee and almond milk

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