Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake up call

I haven't measured my body comp in about a month, and since I'm going out of town tomorrow, I decided today was just as good of a day as any, PLUS I feel like all my clothes are fitting better, and I look better (in my humble opinion), so why not. So it was a little bit of a shock when the terrible machine otherwise known as the InBody520 told me that I had gained about 3 pounds of fat and lost a little under 1 pound of muscle. excuse me, what? So after a minor internal panic attack, I had a little chatsky with Paul about how this could happen in less than a month when I really haven't changed much. Obviously it's hard to pinpoint one issue, especially in women, but I've come up with the hypothesis that I have been over training (evidence: the drop in lean muscle mass, the 2 a days leading up to my competition, the actual competition, and the feeling that I haven't been able to fully recover from workouts); I've let my diet slip a little bit (some chocolate chips here and there, one post-wod bloody mary, and the spoonfuls of nut butter I frequently consume); and I'm not eating enough calorie-wise (counter-intuitive, but it's the truth), Awareness is the first step right? I'm really trying not to let the numbers get in my head, and after talking with Paul, it's a lot easier. Logically, I've never looked better, I'm hitting PRs pretty regularly, and mentally, I'm in a great place. The numbers don't define me, and if I focus on everything else, eventually everything will fall into place. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! Obviously, I'm going to tighten up my diet a little bit...but that will really be in full effect after I get back from my trip home and wisdom tooth extraction aka ice-cream eating extravaganza. So there's that...

Today's WOD was actually pretty good for me. I was able to work out at my favorite time (9:30) since I don't have to work today.   The WOD was 200 Double Unders , 75 Toes 2 Bar , and 400m Run for time.I feel like I have improved significantly on DU and T2B. Probably because I am finally learning to relax; imagine that. I've also finally gotten the concept of pushing back on the bar which has really helped me out on my T2B, pull ups, K2E, etc.. After the WOD, I got some skill work in doing 3 HSPU EMOM for 15 minutes. I kind of tanked on HSPU in a workout last week, so I decided to give them some love today. I did really well to my surprise. I was only going to do 10 minutes, but since I was feeling great when the clock hit 10, I decided to extend it to 15. The only time I broke my clusters of 3 was when I got distracted and felt my focus drift elsewhere. I also widened my legs during the kip and felt like that added to my success. Who knows?! oh! and then I was just messing around and tried to pick up a bar that Zack was snatching, turns out I PRed my deadlift at 205#. woohoo!

I came back to do get some extra work in and per usual got sucked into what I can only call the workout black hole. I got there at about 5:30 and didn't crawl out of there until about 8.
WOD #2:
work up to 5rm close grip bench press (100#) THEN 5x90%
5x10 KB swing (1.5 pood)
5x5/side KB snatch (1 pood)
5x5 bent over row (1 pood KB/hand)
5x50m farmers carry (30#/hand)
5x5 push press (80#)
all the movements felt pretty good, but I definitely struggled with the farmers carry at the end. gotta work on that before the famously hot games!

pre-workout: black coffee and podium preworkout
post workout/meal 1: 2 apple-egg white muffins (loosely based on this recipe)
meal 2: 3 oz tilapia, 1 slice bacon, 1 cup spinach, all sauteed together with some chili-lime seasoning
meal 3: roasted kale and plantain chips with salsa verde
pre workout: cellucor pre workout
post workout/meal 4: smoothie w/blueberries, mango, vanilla protein, and coconut water
meal 4: TJ chicken sausage, 1 large egg, and homemade basil-balsamic sauce
meal 5: almond flour muffins + almond butter

meal 4 and meal 5 were honestly so close together, they could probably count as one meal...but I split them up for kicks. after my epic afternoon workout aka arm destruction, I was STARVING. gotta feed the beast!

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