Sunday, July 14, 2013

the past two days

yesterday was our last day on the Island and Shira and I started it off by having breakfast with an olllllld friend. It was so great to catch up with someone that I hadn't seen since high school and I had a delicious seafood stuffed omelet. double win. After breakfast, we mapped out the rest of our day and decided a starbucks run was necessary, and were on our merry way...until we got a little huge bump...from behind. while we were stopped, waiting to merge into the traffic circle, a (once stopped) hugeass escalade slammed rolled into us. From the noise and impact, I thought that my entire trunk was smashed in; I was pleasantly surprised to find no visible damage..however I was very upset (read: hysterical), a little scared (terrified), and my neck hurt. So while moving as to free up traffic, Shira called the cops, and all of a sudden a fire truck, ambulance, and two police cars come screaming into the parking lot we were waiting in. The make matters worse, I was on the phone with my Mom who heard the sirens and promptly thought I was dying. After assuring the firemen and EMTs that we were ok (and resisting giving them my numbers because they were absolutely gorgeous), we figured out all the paperwork with the policemen and were back en route to Starbucks. It was delicious and definitely made me feel better, but the real medicine was the retail therapy we engaged in at our second outlet visit. One workout outfit and one work outfit later, we grabbed some shrimp at a local seafood joint, loaded up on ga and snacks, and were on the way back to Columbia. After unloading the car, we decided to go get food. Shira asked me if we should change, and I assured her that it didn't matter what we looked like because there is no way we would see anyone. Lies. We walked into cantina and saw Kortni and Megan from the gym. We ended up sitting with them and having a great time. Lesson learned, always look cute.

Today we had great plans of laying out, but the weather was not cooperating, so instead we went to Trader Joe's. Almost the same right? After dropping Shira off at the airport, I finished up some food prep and straightened up the house. Pretty boring, but such is life. Got an early morning of work tomorrow, and then back to the gym. Time to tighten up my diet and kill it in the gym! Can't wait!

Saturday Noms
*egg white omelet with lump crab and avocado
*freeze dried fruit and some trail mix
*1/2 pound peel and eat shrimp
*more trail mix
*chicken taco salad
*dried fruit

Sunday Noms (trying to get back on track)
*egg white scramble with bacon and salsa
*chicken burger with plantain chips and salsa
*TJ kale chips
*protein shake with berries and almond butter
*apple-blueberry egg muffins w/almond butter

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