Monday, July 8, 2013

i'm baack

It's no secret that I've been itching to get back in the gym ever since I got back...and what I really mean is as soon as they took me off the laughing gas, I wanted to WOD. So today after work, I swung by the gym for a little HSPU skill sesh. Holy God, did I underestimate how much harder EROM HSPU are. I strolled up in the gym, ignored the scolding from a certain coach whose name rhymes with "hen" for working out too soon, and tried to bust out some hspu on 45# plates. hahaha, I couldn't get half way up. sooooooo I pouted, then did some regular HSPU, then did some on the box with 45# plates, then did some on 35# plates, then BAM 45# plate EROM HSPU, you are mine. Not going to lie, I am incredibly pleased/proud of myself from progressing from not being able to do a single EROM hspu, to being able to do clusters of 3. Bossman Paul was right (as alway). #TIP So after telling him dancing around singing "I did it, I did it", he gave a little programming to continue on my HSPU domination. So once again pull ups and dips are on hold (see ya later muscle ups) and Monday will be a ladder of 1-2-3 max reps in 10 min, Weds will be heavy push presses, and Fri will be 50 HSPU, 1 every 30 sec, rest 2 min if I fail. **all of these are EROM on 45# plates. sweet. So after that, I did some handstand walks because they're fun...and then some 1.5 pood farmers carries which were not so fun...but not as hard as anticipated. Super bonus: I did not bust a clot/open my stitches. Gabi-1 Wisdom Tooth-0.

Workout numero dos was a killer today.  Even without the airdyne, it would have been tough, but the max effort biking before wore my quads out! 155 on the deadlift felt pretty good; I broke them up into tens...and then fives. Honestly, the worst part for me was the ring dips. I really just wanted to switch to bar, but I sucked up and did them all on the ring. Not going to lie though, some of them were iffy)  The step up/burpee part really wasn't that bad. The step ups were tiring, but I flew through the burpees. Maybe they don't suck quite as much as I thought. I finished the entire workout in like 31 minutes? I did some sets of ring pullups after, but mostly just killing time until dinner with one of my friends that was doing the intro class. Speaking of food, I think I ate pretty well today. Probably not enough as I have a mondo headache now...but that could also be due to my oral surgery...or dehydration (always)

AM Noon workout
HSPU skill work (kipping HSPU, negatives on 45# plates, box assisted HSPU on 45# plates, kipping on 35# plates, kipping on 45# plates)
1.5 pood farmers carry 50ish m x?

Max Airdyne Cal in 2 min (41)
Dead Lift 155#
Ring Dips
Weighted Step ups 12kg kb ( total not each leg) 20

Chow Baby:
Meal 1: Smoothie with 1/2 banana, coffee, and whey protein
Meal 2: Quest Bar
pre workout: muscle tech preworkout (idk why I previously said cellucor. WRONG) 
Meal 3/post workout: whey protein
Meal 4 : 1/2 sweet potato, tuna, BBQ sauce, and blueberries
Meal 5: Trail mix (raw and unsalted)
Meal 6: big salad from Jason's Deli (protein=bacon and 2 hard boiled eggs) Balsamic vinegar for dressing.

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