Friday, July 12, 2013

Rest day #2..?

I had semi-good intentions of working out while in Hilton Head, buuuuut the sandbag is still in my car and my running shoes are still in my bag. In my defense it's rained all day, but really that's a terrible excuse. Bright side: I've actually been able to relax and spend time with a great friend (and buy super cute shoes at the outlets). Not so bright side: no workout and some faileo foods. All and all I'm not terribly upset about it; I've been eating pretty healthy and we've done a lot of walking ( active recovery?) plus waking up on Thursday my body felt no bueno. My arms were completely shot--we're talking bi's, tri's, shoulders, even my forearms; my whole body, even my eyeballs, felt fatigued; and I was still feeling down/emotional (refer to the breakdown on weds). I know i need the rest though, because i fell asleep ladt night at like 9 and slept alllll the way through the night. I'm a little sorry that I couldn't do my hspu programming..but I'll live. I have 3ish weeks to work on all my movements for the competition...and get my mind as soon as Monday comes around I'll be back to eating clean and training dirty (yep, just quoted Pinterest)

Meal 1: turkey slices, hard boiled egg whites (3), hummus, salsa, pretzel crisps, and some cheese
Meal 2: quest bar
Meal 3: panera strawberry chicken salad (no dressing) and 1/2 apple
Meal 4: trail mix
Meal 5: 1/2 NY strip steak (4 oz?), 1/2 salmon burger, salad
Meal 6: frozen fruit bar and 1 Oreo

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