Monday, July 15, 2013

I love falling on my head...and sandbags...

Started today off pretty early with a 7am meeting and then working morning clinic; we were super swamped which was a little stressful, but I finally feel like I'm starting to get a hang of everything which has brought my overall stress level from "running around with my head cut off" to "mildly overwhelmed". Workout number one was a little disheartening today. I was super excited to be back in the gym, but definitely had a purpose for being there. Today I decided to work on EROM HSPU, thrusters, and pull ups. Thrusters were ok; I maxed out at 130# which is a 5 pound PR for me, but still relatively low on the ladder for the competition. I'm ok with that though, I'm going to keep working and trying to get stronger, but that workout isn't really a source of stress for me. I had a 10 min 3-2-1 AMRAP of HSPU planned for today, but my body was not having it. I wasn't really able to get 3 consecutive HSPU strung together, and all the falling on my head was making my headache a lot work (sidenote: due to my persistent headache since the accident, I've diagnosed myself with a slight concussion. awesome), so I just worked on form...and then did one set of 10 singles. I probably should have timed it, but I didn't much for the same reason that I haven't weighed myself lately--I just don't want to know. After the HSPU, I just messed around on the pullup bar for a bit with stringing together C2B (I can now string together 3) and working on the butterfly motion. Mentally I was checked out by then, so I decided to roll bounce out of there, and work some more later when I came back to do the programmed WOD....which included more erom hspu. before the actual WOD, i grabbed a "sandbag" with two 20# slam balls and ran 800m then 400m then 200m. holy bananas, that was rough. If flew through the dead lifts and box jumps and honestly didn't feel too bad about the push ups. I made sure to rest between my singles even before I was tired, which I think is a good strategy for the competition.

Workout 1:
THRUSTERS: find 1RM (130#) + 3x5 @ 105
EROM HSPU: a few doubles, a few attempts at triples, 1x10
C2B and butterfly work

Workout 2:
"Sandbag run"

Deadlift 135
Box Jump 20
5 min Rest
Back Ext 30-20-10
EROM HSPU 9-7-3 (45# Plates)

meal 1: lemon quest bar 
meal 2: apple-nut egg muffins
preworkout: muscletech neurocore
meal 3/postworkout: bsn syntha-6 isolate shake
meal 4: slow cooker bacon chicken, brussels sprouts, and bbq sauce
meal 5: trail mix
preworkout: muscletech neurocore
meal 6: the same chicken/brussels mix I had for lunch 
meal 7: protein mug **wasnt really hungry, but I know I need to eat more

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