Sunday, July 28, 2013

over it

I am so freaking burnt out right now it's crazy. I haven't posted in the past few days because I've been stupid-busy and really haven't had motivation to do anything...including blogging. But here's a quick little recap:

Thursday-rest day. had a super late day at clinic; they ordered pizza and cheezy bread to be nice and I managed to resist it. Not even a bite. Then I went out with the girls and spend 25 dollars on sushi....and then ate frozen yogurt.

Friday-only worked out once: Power Snatch then 2min Rest then 10min AMRAP of Power Snatch @ 90 % 1 RM--I'm pretty happy with this workout. I got up to 105# on the clusters, and then got 31 reps on the AMRAP at 95. If I can snatch 105# for 3...I am definitely strong enough to snatch more than 110#. I really need to work on my technique (once the famously hot showdown is over). That night I went to a going away party on the lake. I didn't eat terrible persay, but I probably had half a beer...some triscuits + pimento cheese...and some delicious bbq. The BBQ was sauceless, so probably paleo. everything else, def not

Satuday-Just did the programmed WOD:
Flight Simulator
Double Unders (Unbroken)
Deadlift 225/135
 I've been feeling really rundown lately and have a lot of symptoms of overtraining, so I didn't want to overdo it. I think I did really well at Diane; HSPU are a loooooot easier when you don't have to do them on 45# plates. I really love when I can see improvement, so I was happy. Then a bunch of us laid out at the pool...and then went to mexican where I was good (grilled chicken salad) and bad (margarita, tequila, and a few chips)...and then went out and had a beer. The fact that I really did not care that I was eating like shit kind of scares me now, but I really think I'm just mentally burnt out. The gym will be closed weds and thurs (and I might not be able to go Saturday), and I don't think it's the worst thing if I take some time off. Saturday, I'll probably go on a sandbag run, if I have to work and miss the WOD, so all won't be lost. I'm also getting a massage on Tuesday, which I think will do wonders for my body (especially my shoulders. owies)

Sunday (today)-did a whole lot of nothing. Ate breakfast. slept at the pool. Ate lunch/dinner. watched the games. ate a snack. Relatively healthy today; I plan to eat SUPER clean from now up until the games for obvious performance reasons as well as in hopes to fix this stomach issue that's been plaguing me for two weeks now.

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