Thursday, July 11, 2013

I hate jelly fish

Today I woke up starving. I guess I should have expected it since I worked out a lot yesterday and woke up kind of hungry..but regardless I just have not been able to get enough food today. Fatgirlprobz. Anyhow today was a rest day/travel to Hilton head day, so not much fun stuff to report on today. Just a lot of driving. But my fun in the ocean was very short lived thanks to Mr. Jellyfish who decided to wrap himself behind my left knee. Rude. So yeah, other than that, pretty uneventful. Food today wasn't completely paleo, but relatively healthy with the exception of the cookie dough. I've been getting headaches lately and I'm not sure as to the cause..will need to investigate..

WOD: rest day

What I put in my face:
Meal 1: quest bar and blueberries
Meal 2: grilled chicken salad
Meal 3: quest bar
Meal 4: apple, cheese, freeze dried fruit
Meal 5: salad, salmon, shrimp, and edamame salad
Meal 6: cookie dough

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