Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 25 minute workout that took me 25 minutes (booyah)

Didn't have to work today, which usually would mean all day in the gym, but since I'm cutting back, I had to find other ways to occupy myself; not going to lie, it was a great day! I went into the gym today for my weekly 50 EROM HSPU workout...and after a few hiccups (no mats or ab mats? no problem...just get a piece of Styrofoam, cover it with a shirt, and stack some 15s on top of the 45s to make up for the extra height)..I knocked out 50 of those bad boys, 1 every 30 seconds, NO FAILURE. Yes, that's another 20ish minute PR. I was so stoked. Progress is my friend. Then I life the gym (wahhhh last workout in the old gym, glad we ended on a good note). Got groceries, made some food for the week, blah blah blah, THEN met Brian at a climbing gym for a change of pace. Probably climbed for like an hour and a half...just trying different routs and a little bit of bouldering. Wish I could have done more, but my grip was shot towards the end. I loved it though; something I want to do more often. I really don't want to know how sore I'll be tomorrow; I was all kinds of contorted. Anyhow, came home...ate a snack...and drove my tired booty to get a massage which was heavenly. As cliche as it sounds, I feel like a completely different person--really need to do this more often. He also hammered in how important recovery, eating enough, and stretching is, especially for crossfit athletes. OK, I get it. I will rest more. wah.

Food for the day:
Meal 1
Trader Joe's - Coconut Milk Beverage - Unsweetened, 4 oz

Bananas - Raw, 0.5 small (6" to 6-7/8" long)

Trader Joe's - Steamed & Peeled Baby Beets, 1 baby beets (85g)

Bsn - Syntha-6 Isolate - Vanilla Ice Cream, 1 scoop (38g)

Pineapple - Raw, all varieties, 0.75 cup, diced

Meal 2
Banana Coconut Muffins, 1 serving(s)

Hills Hire Farm - Lower Sodium Honey Ham, 3 oz.

Gt - Organic Raw Kombucha, Gingerade, 16 fl.oz

Meal 3
Apple, bacon, and rosemary pork meatballs, 1 serving

Bananas - Raw, 1 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)

Publix Brand - Low Sodium Bacon (No Sugar Added), 2 Slices

Earth Fare Organic - Sunflower Butter, 1 tbsp

Meal 4
Crock Pot Breakfast Pie, 2 wedges

Meal 5
Chocolate Chip Protein Muffin, 1

in other news, I signed up for this giveaway today. extra entries for sharing...so boom done

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