Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The one where I learned butterfly pullups in ten minutes

Today I had to work softball camp, so I could only work out once...but the workout gods were smiling on me, because the usually packed 5:30 class was fairly empty. Since I hate working out on top of people, this was a welcome surprise for me. The WOD was pretty terrible though, not going to lie. First of all, L pull ups are hard! I was able to do them with an awkward kip to L movement, but even so, I only got to 6 (1-2-3 counted as 1). AND THEN THE CLAPPING PUSH UPS. who does those?!? apparently we do. They were pretty easy the first round, tiring the second round, and then I failed a couple times on the third round...or I could have slipped in my sweat puddle. who knows. I was pretty consistent with my box jumps across the rounds so that's good, but I was whooped after the WOD. And then I had the bright idea to learn how to butterfly my pullups...in ten minutes. and guess what, I got it (thanks to Coach Ben and my favorite meatball, Zack)! Obviously I need more work (like my EROM HSPU)...but I went from 0-3 in ten minutes, so heyyyy. And then I ripped my hand. And then I was done. sikeeeee I whined and pouted for a little bit and then did some GHD sit ups..which made my head feel like it was going to explode. So I decided to sit outside and make butt prints on cop cars. I am a child.

A. 5min AMRAP L-Pull-ups Ladder 1-2-3
Rest  1 min
B1 10x Clapping Push-ups
B2 2min Burpee Box Jump 24/20
2min Rest
5 minute Break
C1 10x Proper Push-up  (feet elevated)
C2 2min Box Jump 24/20
2min Rest

butterfly pullup skill work 
4x12 GHD sit ups

Foodwise, I think I did pretty good today. It's always tough when I have long days at work and have to anticipate what I'll want to eat and then pack it with me...annnnd I literally have no food in the house which bumps the tough factor up a little more. I feel like I'm on Chopped sometimes. And yes, I ate the same for dinner as I did for breakfast (with the addition of brussels sprouts), it was delicious and I'm not sorry.

meal 1: slow cooker bacon chicken + guacamole
meal 2: cashew cranberry almond trail mix
meal 3: sliced ham, blueberries, baby carrots
meal 4: quest bar
pre workout: muscletech preworkout
post workout/meal 5: bsn syntha-6 isolate shake
meal 6: slow cooker bacon chicken + guacamole + 1.5 cups roasted brussels sprouts
meal 7: spoonful of sunflower seed butter

I'm off to youtube butterfly pullups and nurse my hand back to health. oh crossfit

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