Tuesday, July 2, 2013

rule number 76..

Coming back from the I Can Games, pretty much everyone that knew I participated asked me about it. To the outside observer, I did pretty well. It was my first competition ever, I've been doing crossfit for less than a year, and I placed fourth out of twenty-something competitors in the women's scaled division. I should be ecstatic. But I'm not. To be honest, the only workout I'm proud of was the clean ladder where I PRed by 10 pounds...and was thisclose to hitting a 20 pound PR. Yes it's haunting me, yes I will be squat cleaning 155 very soon..but I digress.ANYHOW while describing the other workouts I'd give excuses such as "I was way too tense and screwed up my double unders" and "by the SIXTH max effort workout of the day, I was just beat", and after the 800th time telling the same story, with the same excuses, it just clicked. There is no reason to make excuses. I did what I did and that was that. After that little realization, I am making a conscious effort to stop making excuses, stop complaining, and take control. I shared this article on facebook the other day, and it's explains everything I'm feeling in a beautiful way. It applies not just to crossfit, but to life in general.

And the funny thing is, now that I've made a conscious effort to quit making excuses and ix-nay the complaining, it's made me far more aware of everyone else who does it, which makes me want to quit even more. It's a good thing I think.

Today's WOD was pretty fun. I was happy to be working out at my favorite time (930) and see some of my favorite people. I really enjoyed "resting" at the bottom of the squats and the OH position; it was something different and somewhat easy for me. The ring push ups were KILLER and honestly, the light OHS weren't so light after 30 reps. I got through it though, and definitely got better at pushing my knees out when coming up from my squats. Yay progress!

A. Work up to Heavy OHS (95#...prob could have gotten to 100/105 but ran out of time)
B1. (30sec Work/30sec "Rest") Squat 115#/75#
"Rest" in low parallel position
Rest 2 minutes between each
B2. (30sec Work/30sec "Rest") Push Press 115#/75#
"Rest" in OH position
Rest 2 minutes between each
OHS @ 35% BW +
Ring Push-up
30-20-10 reps of each

looks like baby weight, but after 30-20-10 reps, it felt wayyyyyy heavier than 50 pounds

After the WOD I had some time to kill so I spent a while stretching and doing some mobility work. I need to do that wayyyyyy more often

Preworkout: black coffee, cellulcor preworkout
Post workout/meal 1: apple egg muffins
Meal 2: lemon cream pie quest bar and trail mix
Meal 3: chickfila chargrilled chicken sandwich minus the bun
Meal 4: seaweed salad, carrots, and dip
Meal 5: BBQ beef, 3 ribs, sautéed squash
Meal 6: small square of 85% dark chocolate

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