Monday, August 11, 2014


Another solid workout in the books

A. Squat Clean off blocks – mid thigh – build to a max
140. This was really good for me. I had to put on my big girl wunder unders and really commit to dropping under the bar. Maybe could have gone a little time...
B1. Wtd Dips @ 20X1; 4-5 x 4; rest 90 sec
15#, sets of 4
B2. Pronated Chin Ups Wtd @ 21X0; 3-4 x 4; rest 90 sec
15#, sets of 3
B3. BB W Lunges – 10 steps tough x 4; rest 90 sec
95#. BB lunges two days in a row, MY BUTTCHEEKS ARE BURNING
C. 75 toes to bar for time – when you break, perform 5 burpees
6:34. This went way better than expected. My T2B were pretty good...knocked out 15 UB to start with which I'm pretty sure is a PR. Never went under 5...kept it more between sets of 8-10. My forearms are kind of to' up now though....Nice to see some progress in the gymnastic movements..

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