Monday, May 12, 2014


This was supposed to be AM/PM, but I did it all in the afternoon. No bueno, I know...but had to be done.

CP tester
AMRAP in 10 minutes:
3 Muscle-ups
3 DL @ 215lb
6 rounds + 3 MU + 1DL. Felt like a boss during this workout. Strung together 2 MU immediately, but wasn't able to string any more during the workout. Tried a few times, but missed (no missed when attempting singles). DL felt kind of heavy-just did singles-but were manageable. Tried not to stand around too much, but also didn't try to go to early and waste energy failing.
- MAP Running on flat
5 x Run 5 minutes @ 80-82% Max HR,
3 min walk b/t
this was miserable, but I mostly felt limited by my ankle more so than my motor. Definitely was limping after this. Worked on some mobility with the band which helped some. wahhhh reason #34920398304 why I hate running.

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