Monday, May 26, 2014


Surprising day today.

A. Build to a 5 RM DL in 5 attempts
110 kg (242#). My 1RM is one 250....apparently not anymore. I did this all in KG so I wouldn't reaaaaaly know what I was lifting until afterwards. Tried to pull 115 and barely broke it from the ground. wahh. guessing I was just tired. Took a few more than 5 attempts per Paul.
B. 2k Row for time
8:52.3. Started off WAY TOO FAST on the first 500. Like sub 1:50. That was dumb, couldn't sustain it. Oh well.
For time:
75 CTB
30 Strict HSPU
12 min time cap--22HSPU. Wasn't really looking forward to this because before today I've done a total of 2 strict HSPU. Today I knocked out my first 5 unbroken....and got to 22 before the time cap. Should have just finished it out, but I wasn't thinking. C2B kind of sucked today, my elbow was really bothering me. I'm close to butterflying them though. That will be helpful.

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