Friday, May 30, 2014


A. Build to 1 rm PS
130 PR! 5 pound PR! 125 felt really good, 130 was funky, and took me a couple tries to get, but I made it. Really need to remember to engage my back, squeeze my shoulders, and stay tall.
B. Build to a 1 rm Squat clean
150, matched my last PR. Don't understand why my clean is so low since I can A) powerclean more than that and B) front squat more than that.
30 muscle ups for time
8:04. Happy with this. Was shooting for under 10 minutes. Strategy going in was 1 every 20 seconds (which would put me at 10 minutes), but I ended up just going when my body felt ready. Strung together 2 at the beginning, but then just did singles. I need to work on staying tighter coming out of the top and not swinging around as much. that's what gets me off balance.

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