Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Better training day today. Still feeling a little slowed down, but not nearly as fatigued and sore.

High Hang Squat Snatch off blocks, 2 reps x 6 sets, 2 min - start @ 44kg, add 5kgs after set 3
3x44kg, 1x49kg, fail@54kg, made 1, failed one @ 52kg. Felt relatively stable in the bottom, wish I didn't miss that last rep at 52 kg...
Prowler Sprint 25 sec ALL OUT @ 90lb load x 4 sets, 5 min b.t sets
Didn't realize how tiring this was until after I was done.
4 sets @ 97% effort:
7 touch n go Clean and Jerk @ 44kg
7 Burpees
15 sec Run
Rest 6-7 min b/t sets
Difficult to tng the c&j. also noticed that I was not dipping at all to push the jerk up, just to drop under it. 

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