Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Was a little worried about testing today. Got into the gym after a long day of work and didn't feel great. Overall I'm feeling a little beat up. My left knee is still bothering me, my right ankle never healed, and now my left elbow has jumped into the mix. Even one of my fingers hurt! Starting to look forward to the little break I'll take when I'm moving and getting situated in Atlanta.

A. Build to a 1 rm back squat
215 PR! 5 pound PR. 210 felt easy, 215 felt sticky, failed at 220. Double wrapped my right knee and it felt great. Was really good about breathing today too (I think). Took TONS of time to build up to this with lots of breaks.
B. Build to a 1 rm FS
175. Matched my previous PR. Failed at 180. Maybe was a little too forward? Not sure?
C. Build to a 1 rm Press
105. 5 pound PR. Couldn't even get 110 up.
10 min amrap
15 snatches 55lbs
30 dble unders
6 rounds (270 reps). Oh hey, that's funny, after 3 tries in the open the best I got was 265. Was not feeling this at all after spending nearly an hour maxing out. I was tired, cranky, hungry, and unmotivated. I only did the first round unbroken. The second round of snatches I did like 10 and 5. And then I just muscle snatched sets of 5 for the rest of the time. Probably taxed my shoulders a little bit more, but I feel like I conserved energy. Double unders were unbroken for the most part. Took a few breaks to catch my breath, and what a surprise, 5 round more than the open. I think this is probably a combo of me 1) getting better and 2)not getting spooked my first workout of my first open. I'm curious as to how I'd do fresh...but not curious enough to do it again...

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