Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Felt extra motivated this Monday..

a. FS31X1 3,3,3 (3 min)
145. Really focused on foot and knee position
b. Build to heavy complex: hang clean, clean, front squat
Got up to 140. Felt heavy, but I definitely had more in the tank.
c.EMOM 14 min-odd: TnG PC&Jx5 (85#)even:6 burpee box jump overs
TNG was tough towards the end. Got a little spastic and hard core early arm bended. Yep, now it's a verb.
10 barbell lunges
50 double unders
8 barbell lunges
40 double unders
6 barbell lunges
30 double unders 
4 barbell lunges
20 double unders
2 barbell lunges
10 double unders
Just realized this was supposed to be per leg. I didn't do that. Whoops. 95# on the lunges was heavy..double unders were solid 

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