Monday, November 11, 2013


Woke up super excited for my oly lesson with Joe today. We ended up spending about two hours working on my clean and jerk, and while I didn't PR (wahhhh), I really feel like I cleaned up my technique a loooooot.

We started out with a lot of work with the empty bar, focusing on bar and body position, and then added weight. Stayed there for a little while working on form. Focused on footwork for split jerks...and then did a deadlift, high pull, powerclean, split jerk complex. Slowly subtracted components until it was just C&J, and then when it got too heavy, just worked on cleans. For jerks, I really really really need to dip lower and be more aggressive. Definitely will try to attack those building up to the competition in December. My cleans felt good. I'm able to pull the bar really high, but the hardest part for me has been standing it up. How do I fix this? moar squatz
 yep that jerk was ugly. I think I got a little bit heavier and a little bit prettier just afterwards..If I calculated it right, that was 63 kilos, which is 138.6 lbs
66 kg clean (145.5#) I really appreciate Joe calling me gabosaurus rex. Sidenote: this is after failing at 65 kg like 3 times. All of the failing glory was captured on video too..usually ending with a giant F bomb like this one:

 Really hard to choose which fail videos to post since there is also one where I just fall straight on my ass....dump the bar forward...blah blah blah.

I returned to the gym to do the met con part of SHE....loaded the ready...and then Z1 Airdyned for 30 minutes instead. Then I ate ice cream. Solid day...

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