Tuesday, November 5, 2013


5 sets for time
400 m run 2 min AD
10 TnG push jerk (85)
row 500
prowler push 50 m (45#+ the heavy sled on turf)
AMRAP kipping HSPU
rest walk 4 min
1) 7:30/10 HSPU
2) 7:35/ 8 HSPU
3) 7:45/ 10 HSPU
4) 7:25/ 8 HSPU
5) 7:32/ 7 HSPU
Still not sure how to feel about this workout. Had to sub the AD for running because of my ankle...and in retrospect, probably should have done something instead of the sleds because it BLEW MY ANKLE UP. The jerks were really smooth, but tough towards the end. My row was surprisingly smooth too; really focused on being fluid and breathing. The sleds were tough--didn't stop moving on the 1st 25, the 2nd 25 was tougher and I got stuck a few times. HSPU were good. The first two rounds I am confident I could have done more, but mentally I was like "nope, I'm good". That was dumb. I can really tell my body is better adapted to grinders and working at 80%. yay progress.

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