Friday, November 8, 2013


Sooooo woke up, went to work at 8am, and when we pulled up the schedule noticed that there were no patients on the schedule until 10:15. Naturally I sped over to the gym to get my workout in.
Row 500m @90%
Rest walk 3 min
x 6
(set terminated if row times vary more than 2 sec)
These six sets turned into eleven. I definitely started off way too fast, my second round was way way too fast, and then it went downhill. After writing it all out, I realized that I did one extra round. Oh well. This workout made me want to puke, but I'm glad I got some rowing in since it's a big part of one of the workouts for my competition in December.
1) 2:00
2) 1:56-had to slow down significantly to try to stay "on pace". obviously didn't happen
3) 2:00
4) 2:03
5) 2:08-tanked
6) 2:07
7) 2:08 
8) 2:07
9) 2:08
10) 2:08
11) 2:08

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