Friday, November 29, 2013


Worked out at Chickasaw again..


Row 1000m
Thrusters (65)
Row 1000m
24:37. Started out pretty strong on the row but my pace dropped a little bit lot. My initial plan of unbroken thrusters lasted for the first ten....and then the last 5 rounds. 65 got heavy fast, although in my defense, that was 55 thrusters. Pull ups felt good today. Butterflied in sets of 5. HRPU suck all the time. I think I started off a little too fast because when I got to 8 or 7 I started feeling pukie, so I added some more rest and continued. My last 1000 was at a 2:30/500m pace, which was pretty tiring at the end of the workout, but I'm happy to finally keep a semi-consistent pace.

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