Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Reeeeeealllllllyyyy feeling my lifting session from yesterday. My glutes, quads, and hammies are super tight, and my ankle is a little sore and achy. womp. Subbed the bike for running since my ankle felt like crap. I figured I'd probably run a 10 minute mile, so 5 minutes of steady AD would be an adequate substitute. At the point I care less about my time than the amount of training I get.

1k row
100m FC 60# DB/hand
20 OHS  80#
Run 800m 5 min/1.5 mile AD
30 DB bent rows 40# DB/hand
100m FC
Row 1k
 26:58. Rows were good, my second 1k was a lot better than the first. It was a lot smoother and I got rid of the the longish pause that I have been doing...not quite sure where that came from. The FC were tough mostly because DB are bulky. I think I may have been able to use a heavier KB, but I think this helped my grip more? Who knows. I set the weight down every 25 m, but I think that was more mental slash easier for transitions. Might have gone a little heavy on the OHS. I did sets of 5 which were ok, felt a little unstable on a few reps. The rows were good. Broke em up into sets of 6.  
My latest arts and crafts project. I am a child.

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