Monday, November 4, 2013


A. FS @20X1; 5,3,1,1,1; rest as needed 
 125, 145, 155, 165*, 160. This was NOT supposed to be a 1RM, but I failed on 165. I'm a little bummed because I got 165 last time I front squated relatively easily...but this is also the first time I've squatted since I sprained my ankle and am lacking some serious mobility
B. Every 90 sec - Build to a heavy in 10 sets – HC + FS (from blocks, bar at hip crease)
65, 75, 85, 95,100, 100, 105, 110, 115*, 115*. Failed on the last two. Pulling from the blocks is waaaay harder than just holding from the high hang. I think I read something once about how you're lacking tension or something..? I don't know. This was definitely the most frustrating part of my workout. I had to ghetto-rig the jerk blocks to be hip crease level because nobody would help me move the big jerk blocks (wahhh)...but I did it. Feel like it helped my hip speed? who knows.
C1. 3 sets - Wall ball; amrap in 60 sec; rest 15 sec
18, 18, 18. Supposed to be unbroken...broke at 16 all three times. 10 ft target, 14# wallball.
C2. Chin up; amrap in 45 sec; rest 15 sec
13, 11, 13. Having a weird chin up day/week/life. Had trouble getting my rhythm today slash I'm still trying to protect my giant rip
C3. Burpee; amrap in 30 sec; rest 3 min
17, 15, 12. Was nervous about these because my ankle is 100%, but did it. boom.
3 rounds for time @85%:
500m row
10 ring dip
15 KB swing
  12.49. 1.5 pood kettle bell. First two rounds I was pretty strong on my ring dips (broke them into 5 and 5). The last round was iffy, but did it. I have this weird swingy kippy thing going on...but it works for me. KB swings were ok...honestly can't remember the last time I've swung one...was able to pretty much go unbroken, which bodes well for this upcoming competition which is just eye level swings with 1.5 pood. ballerrrrr
In other news, I am a food monster human garbage can today. 

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