Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Woke up ready to put in some work today. Getting kind of anxious about starting my new job (and less time to train) and the exam I have to take Thursday, so was def looking forward to training my ass off and burning some of that excess energy. Switched today's workout with tomorrow's because this one is longer and I'll be in a little bit of a time crunch tomorrow. Hopefully it won't screw up anything too much, but as long as I get the work done, it'll be ok (in my very non professional opinion)

A. Muscle snatch - 85lbs x 5, 95 x 4, 2sets , 100 x 3
a few little bends on 95, couldn't muscle 100, all were power
B. 2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) - 120lbs x 2, 2 sets, 125lbs x 2, 2 sets
felt pretty good today. Tng.
C. Snatch deadlift 140lbs x 5, 5 sets
used straps and felt pretty good. looking at the videos I need to work on keeping my butt down and chest up.
D.Front squat 3.1.x.1 145lbs x 4, 3 sets, 155lbs x 4, 2 sets
failed on 3rd rep of 2nd set of 155
3 min Max AD, rest 2 min x 2
41 cal, 42 cal
8 min amrap:
6 burpees
5 Hang power clean 75lb
3 MUp
3 rounds+6 burpees, 5HPC, 4HSPU, 3MU
HPC were super light, all unbroken, and more like reverse curls (I don't think I really even bent my knees). MU were good, but all singles. 

Today was an awesome workout for me today. Felt strong and very relaxed once I got done. Mission accomplished.

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