Friday, June 6, 2014


Last workout at CCF. Bittersweet. There were tears.

A. 3-position Snatch (Blocks) - 85 x 2 sets; 90lbs x 3 sets; rest 2 min
Floor, Knees(blocks), high hang. Felt stable.
B. Snatch pull - 120lbs x 7, 4 sets; rest 2:30min
Used straps, would drop after like 2 otherwise. These killed me.
C. Snatch Grip BN push press - 90lbs x 5, 3set; 100lbs x 5, 2 sets; rest 2 min
Felt fine. Not too heavy.
5 burpees AFAP NO jump or hands OH
Prowler push 45# 50 meters @100%
Rest 2:30
Did the sleds on the turf, and felt like I was pushing a concrete wall.

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