Tuesday, June 3, 2014


( PC Complex+Skill%+UB Density+ Core)
A. Power clean + 2 TnG Squat clean - 115lbs x 2 sets; 125lbs x 3 sets; rest 2 min
focused on not jumping my feet out, and felt significantly more stable. 125# was doable, but did not feel easy by any means for the squat cleans.
B. Snatch balance - 75lbs x 3 x 2; 85lb x 3; 95lb x 3 x 2sets; rest 90 sec
these felt strong. once again, focusing on dropping straight down and not jumping my feet out.
C.1. Push press - 105lbs x 5 x 5sets; rest 2 min
Last few reps got spicy. Shoulders felt it, especially coupling it with the T2B. Need to work on getting a bigger drive out of my legs, felt too much like a strict press.
C.2 Strict T2B 5-7, 4 SETS; REST 90 SECS
6 each time. My abs are already on fire. This burned out my grip and shoulders quickly. No grips used, trying to toughen up my baby hands.

I also really need to get my nutrition in check. I've been pretty laissez faire about it after the open...and with graduation...and the move...and I'm sure with my upcoming birthday and wedding. But starting 6/16, back to being pretty strict about eating well. One thing that is alarming to me, is that my appetite as decreased considerably lately. I've been supplementing with ice cream/frozen yogurt to keep my calories up (rough life) but even so, I'm getting about 15-17k calories/day which is def not enough to keep up with my activity level. I can tell too, I'm so freaking tired.

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