Monday, June 2, 2014


Coming off a strong week last week, ready to hit it hard this week...and then I will have a short break to move my life to Atlanta. Not going to lie, when I looked at my training this week, I was straight up excited. Lots of work to be done, and I'm ready to attack my weaknesses head on and get better, faster, stronger. Looking back at my past numbers and comparing them to this week of testing really gets me stoked. I either matched or PRed all my lifts, improved my time on the  terrible row-kb-burpee tester, AND busted out some movements I previously wasn't able to do (I'm looking at you strict HSPU and pistols). So excited to bust my ass, put in work, and continue to improve.

5 min Z1 AD
:30 sec 85%
:30 Sec 50%
x 20
break 5 min btwn 9-10 work HS Walk/Wall walks
5 min Z1 AD Recovery
Done. HS walks weren't great today. Probably not more than 7m MAX. Experimented with different leg positions (both bent, both straight, one up one down, etc..)
PM (CP % Oly + Absolute Strength+ Core)
A. Power snatch + 2 snatch - 85lbs x 2 sets; 90lbs x 3 sets; Rest 3 min
felt strong today. very stable after taking more of a narrow stance.
B.1 Jerk - 125lbs x 3, 2sets; 130lbs x 3, 3sets; REST 2min
felt ok. kind of heavy, but able to bust out 3s pretty easily. Push jerked all of them
B.2 Back squat @3.2.x.1 120lbs x 8; 130lbs x 8; 140 x 6; 150lbs x 6 2sets; (rest 2 min)
Tried to focus on keeping my knees out. Very stanky leg
C. Clean Pulls 155 x 4, 3 sets; rest 1 min
First clean pull of each set was awesome. Went downhill from there.
EMOM 15 min
1 min Back Ext 10
1 min GHD Sit-up 10
1 min 2-3 MU
Tried to string together MU, but I think my rings were too low so I couldn't get full extension. Got 3 singles every time but the 4th round.

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