Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Rough day of training today. Arms/chest are still brutally sore. Legs aren't to fresh either. Front squats were straight up terrible-failed on the second set of 145, 155 straight up didn't happen. Really disappointing, but tried to just let it go and continue training. MU/HSPU were really tough for me today too-triceps/chest are on fire. Couldn't get the dips at the end. wahhhh. Needless to say, I'm grateful I have tomorrow off

A. 2-position clean (floor, mid-thigh) - 1.1. 110lbs 2 sets, 115lbs 1.1. 2 sets; rest 3 min ( try TnG)
all TnG. Felt pretty light
B. Clean deadlift @ 3.1.x.2 155lb x 5, 5 sets ; rest 2 min
with straps. tough tempo.
C. Front squat @ 4.1.x.1 - 135lbs x 5, @ 3.1.x.1 145lbs x 4, 2 sets, 155lbs x 3, 2sets @ 2.1.x.1; rest 3 min
failed 3rd rep on set 2 of 145. Failed first rep of 155 :(
1k Row
4:06:4. started off too fast on the first 500 (sub 1:50)
12:45. last 5 MU-no dip. MU were all singles today, really focused on throwing my elbows back on the pull in order to get up on the rings. Both of these movements were really difficult for me today. Hoping it's just from being off for a while..but thinking it might have to do with the 3 pounds I gained.

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