Friday, April 25, 2014


AM-didn't feel awesome today. didn't warm up enough and I think I ate too close to my workout.
A. Squat Clean. Front Squat. Split Jerk, 1.1.1 - work to a tough set
145 *failed jerk. The squats actually felt pretty good. Jerks sucked today. I was not dropping under at all which happens to me a lot with Split Jerks. Did some reps at 125 afterwards trying to get some good habits into my muscle memory
B. Back Squat @ 20X1, 3 reps @ 82% RM x 7 sets, 3 min
170. SHOULD have been 172.2 but I couldn't find the baby kilo plates. These were tough. So many squats.
C. touch n go Power Snatch, 2 reps @ 105lb per min x 10 mins
Was supposed to be 115, but I couldn't TnG this morning. All of these were solid. Didn't starfish my legs wither which was a plus.

EMOM x 28 mins:
1st - 3 Thrusters @ 135lb 125lb
2nd - 3 Burpee Ring Muscle-up
3rd -3-5 6 touch n go Power Clean @ 135lb125lb
4th - 5 3 Bar Muscle-ups
This was a struggle for me. Had to drop the thrusters down since my max is 140, and I wouldn't have been able to make it through the workout. Didn't make all 3 \burpee MU each round, but made at least 3 attempts. Towards the end I couldn't TnG the PC, so I just did singles (5). Warming up, I couldn't even get one BMU, but was able to make 3 each round. Even with the modifications, I was panting and pouring sweat. Have a love/hate relationship with these kind of workouts...mostly I just wish I were good enough to do them as intended...

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