Monday, March 31, 2014


Finally mentally prepped for my week off and surprise! testing! Body still feeling wrecked from the open, but did pretty ok on this.

A. Find 1RM power clean in 8 minutes.
165. Attempted 170 twice; I'm pretty close, but not there yet.
rest EXACTLY 2 minutes
B. 8 min AMRAP PC (90% of A)
19 (147.2#) Was supposed to be 148.5, but I did what I could with the weights I had. Tried to go a little too fast in the beginning and missed a few, but got into a groove and didn't really have any more misses. For comparison, when I did this in December, I got 150# PC and 10 reps @ 135 (plus 6 fails). Boo. Ya.

Row :30 sec max effort (for distance)
Rest :60 sec
1) 144m 2)146m 3)142 m 4)141m

40 min row
Ok, so obviously not programmed but 1-it was relaxing and 2-I need more cardio in my life. This was def a Z1 pace, but better than nothing..

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