Thursday, March 27, 2014


for time:
AB 21 cals
21 chin up
100 DU
AB 15 cals
15 chin up
100 DU
AB 9 cals
9 chin up
100 DU
19:12. Double unders sucked. Pleasantly surprised with my pullups. Butterflied them all...3x7, 3x5, THEN all 9 mutha trucka

Also, had a good chat with Joey today re:programming as part of the internship deal, and I'm REALLY looking forward to the open being over and getting back to attacking my weaknesses in training. I think my biggest goal(s) coming out of the open is increasing my aerobic base and working on high load gymnasty/muscle endurance movements. Not necessarily the most FUN training, but it will pay off.

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