Sunday, March 16, 2014


14.3 take two...
same score (130) but my tie breaker was 7:49, so 11 seconds faster. I got the weights on the bar but didn't have time to pull it. wah. A lot of drama went down this weekend (in and out of the gym), so I wanted to capitalize on that anger with 14.3. The in gym drama didn't happen until afterwards, so maybe if I had double the anger, I would have done better haha. Slightly better game plan this time, breaking up the DL from the get go. The 185s were easier...was able to get a few doubles in there, but not many.

After I got home, something felt seriously off and I realized that I had lost peripheral vision in my left eye. It came back, but after talking to my eye doctor, I'm going to get it checked out tomorrow morning. Seriously scary shit.

Not feeling great body or brainwise right now. This is starting to not be fun for me, so I think I need to shift my paradigm a little bit. PLUS everything hurts right now, which makes everything a little bit worse..and I'm stressed. very very stressed.

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